Cultural and artistic activities to celebrate the New Year of the Dragon at Po Sah Inu tower

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Traveling in the spring, welcoming the 2024 Dragon Festival in Phan Thiet city (Binh Thuan), local people and tourists from near and far remember to visit the relics of the Po Sah Inu Cham tower cluster to enjoy a program of cultural and artistic activities. Unique and colorful art.

(Photo: Nguyen Vu)

Taking place continuously from the 2nd to the 6th day of the Lunar New Year (February 11 - 15, 2024), cultural activities include Cham folk art performances such as Saranai trumpets, Ghi Nang drums... and traditional Cham dances at the area. The main tower area of ​​the monument is performed by Cham artists. Not only can you enjoy the beauty of traditional culture, but watching the program, visitors will have the opportunity to understand more about the mystery and uniqueness of Cham folk art.

(Rich art program; Photo: Nguyen Vu)

Taking place from the 2nd - 5th of Giap Thin Lunar New Year (February 11 - 14), at the performance area, artisans alternately demonstrate the art of brocade weaving, traditional Cham pottery making and gingerbread using manual methods. Participating in the performance are artisans from localities in the province such as Bac Binh district and Ham Thuan Bac district. At the performance house on the 2nd - 8th days of Tet (February 11 - 17), there will also be an activity of creating sand paintings with the theme "Celebrating the Party - Celebrating the Year of the Dragon".

(Performance of Cham folk instruments; Photo: Nguyen Vu)

From December 30, 2023 - February 29, 2024, at the Po Sah Inu Tower relic site, a thematic photo exhibition "The land and people of Binh Thuan" will be displayed. And when satisfied with the cultural and artistic activities, visitors can visit the booth displaying and selling souvenirs such as ceramic products, Cham brocade, various types of Cham folk jewelry, and traditional cakes. Traditionally chosen as gifts for relatives and friends at the beginning of the new year.

(Demonstration of traditional Cham pottery making; Photo: Nguyen Vu)

Located on Ba Nai hill (Phu Hai ward) about 5km from the city center and on the road to Ham Tien - Mui Ne tourist area, the Po Sah Inu Tower relic complex also owns many famous legends about its name. called Lau Ong Hoang, the mystery of the Tower cluster is called Po Sah Inu, or the place associated with the poetic love affair Han Mac Tu - Mong Cam. Traveling to spring and celebrate Tet at Po Sah Inu tower, visitors can enjoy attractive folk cultural activities and have the opportunity to learn interesting stories associated with this cultural and historical relic.

Nguyen Vu

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