Nearly 570,000 visitors come to Binh Thuan in the first month of 2024

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According to a report from the Binh Thuan Statistics Department, in the first month of 2024, tourism activities in the province continued to be stable with nearly 570,000 visitors visiting and relaxing at key tourist areas. such as: Phan Thiet, La Gi, Tuy Phong, Ham Thuan Nam, Phu Quy... In particular, the number of international visitors increased sharply compared to the same month last year.


(Photo: Nguyen Vu)

Specifically, the total number of international visitors reached 42.5 thousand (up 1.8% over the previous month and up 2.1 times over the same period in 2023), of which Korean and Chinese tourists accounted for a high proportion. The rest are tourists from Northern European countries, ASEAN... Thanks to vibrant tourism activities, revenue in the first month of this year is estimated at 1,626.7 billion VND, an increase of 0.4% compared to December 2019. 2023.

Entering February, coinciding with the traditional Giap Thin Tet holiday, most local accommodation businesses are actively preparing and maintaining rich, attractive and lively Tet celebration programs to attentive service to tourists coming for relaxation and entertainment, especially foreign guests. Besides, travel activities have planned tours to serve tourists in the beginning of the new year; Restaurants and catering businesses are always open to serve local people and tourists, ensuring food quality, safety and hygiene, posting prices, and complying with regulations of management agencies. .

(Guests having fun at Da Ong Dia; Photo: Nguyen Vu)

It is known that the 2024 target of Binh Thuan tourism industry is to welcome 9.5 million visitors, including 320,000 international visitors, with revenue reaching over 25,000 billion VND, remaining in the top 9 provinces and cities with revenue. highest tourism revenue in the country.

Nguyen Vu

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