To take photos of the most sparkling Phan Thiet New Year's Eve fireworks

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To celebrate New Year's Eve 2024, Binh Thuan has 5 fireworks display locations: Phan Thiet city, Tuy Phong, Bac Binh, Ham Thuan Bac districts and La Gi town.

Besides the fireworks display location, people and tourists are often interested in how to get the most sparkling photos of fireworks, especially fireworks to welcome New Year's Eve in Phan Thiet city.

(Shining fireworks to celebrate New Year's Eve in Phan Thiet; Photo: Huu Tuan)

As a rule, the only New Year's Eve fireworks display in the coastal city is Le Hong Phong bridge. This shooting point has the "advantage" of being next to the Phan Thiet water tower - the city's symbol - which is always chosen by photographers as the backdrop for Phan Thiet fireworks photos. There have been many artistic photos that fully "depict" fireworks blooming against the background of a shimmering water tower reflecting the Ca Ty river, winning regional, national and international photography awards.

In recent years, one of the information that friends and tourists often ask the "hotline" of the Tourism Promotion Information Center is to advise every time "spring comes, Tet comes" is: How to Have the most unique and sparkling pictures of Phan Thiet fireworks?. Besides the image of the water tower, now the city Children's Park area, both banks of the Ca Ty river (Tran Hung Dao bridge to Le Hong Phong bridge) and the two sides of the bridge are equipped with multi-colored electronic LED lighting systems. created a colorful scene when the city lights up... as a condition to take beautiful photos of fireworks.

So what are the necessary conditions? Photography artist Do Huu Tuan E.VAPA/G - A.FIAP, advises: "It's choosing the shooting location and shooting technique." In terms of location, there are two "prime" locations, especially on Tran Hung Dao bridge, slightly south of the river and Trung Trac street area near the foot of Le Hong Phong bridge. In particular, if you choose Tran Hung Dao bridge to take photos, you should go early to choose a favorable location (too late and you won't be able to take photos) and equip a tripod for slow-speed photography.

According to Photographer - Journalist Huu Thanh, in addition to the two positions and slow speed shooting techniques as advised, to have more "unique" and beautiful fireworks photos, you can shoot at fast speed or slow speed. just to "catch" the bright rays of light in the spring sky welcoming the shimmering water tower. In addition, you can choose a shooting angle from the direction of Trung Nhi street (Ca Ty hotel) or fly a drone to have more unique and magical "Phan Thiet New Year's Eve fireworks" photo frames.

The set of commemorative photos for the Happy New Year trip to Giap Thin in Phan Thiet city, if there is an additional photo of "Phan Thiet fireworks welcoming New Year's Eve" will definitely be more complete and vivid, when "uploaded" to your personal page, it will definitely be more complete and vivid. Will definitely get more likes, views, comments and shares!

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